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MicroGenesis is a leading solutions provider of holistic Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with over 20+ years of experience in handling various ALM applications. We understand that ALM tools are crucial for automating and streamlining of the software development process for an organisation. We have partnered with leading ALM vendors to deliver the best ALM solutions to our customers. Our team with its expertise and knowledge has served multiple clients across various geographies and has helped them scale-up in the market. 

Project Planning

A well-planned project is the foundation for a successful project delivery. Setting timelines, milestones, and planning deliverables and resources are the fundamental of project planning.

A project planning application should facilitate real-time collaboration, access to a centralized data repository, cross-project visibility, in-built project monitoring and reporting capabilities with various views and perspectives such as Gantt chart, work breakdown structure, Kanban board, etc are key to developing quality software on time and in-budget.


      Dynamic project planning 

     Integration with change management and defect tracking activities

     Traceability to real-time data from planned activities

     Resource management

     Alerts and notifications

Applications for project planning:

     Atlassian Jira

     IBM Engineering Workflow Management

     Siemen Polarian ALM

Requirements Management

Poor requirements management is one of the key contributing factors to the failure of a project and leads inevitably to rework, quality issues, and cost overrun.

The time where documents, spreadsheet, emails and wikis were sufficient to manage engineering requirements are over. The significant increase in engineering data and complexity requires new ways to capture and manage requirements across the entire product lifecycle. Being able to capture relationships and manage dependencies across many variants and to collaborate in real-time with teammates in other geographies is nowadays the norm.


     Live collaboration with a single source of truth 

     Gain consistency and transparency, minimize rework and increase reusability

     Traceability within requirements and with other engineering artefacts such as design, implementation items, builds, test artefacts and defects.

     Understanding Change, Gap analysis and impact analysis

     Versioning requirements

Applications for Requirements Management:

     IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next

     IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Family

     Siemens Polarion Requirements

Configuration Management

Configuration management is a process for establishing, maintaining and tracking versions of artefacts such as project plans, requirements, design, code, test artefacts and various other operational information throughout the lifecycle of a software application or a product.



      Avoiding duplication of information

     Roll back to previous versions

Applications for Configuration Management:

     IBM Engineering Workflow management

     IBM Global Configuration Management

     Siemens Polarion ALM

Build & Release Management

Setup and automate the continuous delivery and iterative development to release frequently without compromising the consistency, integrity and regulatory compliance. Ensure that what gets built is what was planned by detailed product release to line of code traceability.

Plan your entire development process using the Plans feature to manage releases, sprints, and sub-releases. Assign artefacts such as user stories, requirements, work items and tests etc. to releases, to ensure full coverage from design to development to production.


      Continuous Integration/Continuous deployment

      Integration with build automation solutions

     Realtime monitoring and reporting

     Support multiple process and practices

Applications for build & release management:

     IBM Engineering Workflow management

     Siemens Polarion ALM

Change Management & Defect Tracking

Change is inevitable. The evolution of new technologies, process and guidelines are increasing day by day and to stay updated to the updating trends, changes in the existing product or software application is significant.

A change management solution is essential to track and manage the ever-increasing change requests from various sources and ensure that a change request go through a predefined set of process to ensure that the change is analysed, reviewed and validated before it is approved for implementation whereas Defect tracking is essential to capture, examine and review the defect identified and fix the same within the stipulated time.


      Address the cost of poorly managed change.

      Creating consistency and efficiencies in approach

     Understand the impact of change

     Track the progress of the defect or change request

     Reduced cycle time


     IBM Engineering Workflow Management

     IBM Rational ClearQuest

     Siemens Polarion

Risk & Hazard Management

Risk is the possibility that an event will occur that adversely affects the achievement of an objective It is generally caused due to lack of information, control or time.

Risk Management is the process of identifying, capturing, analyse, prioritizing, mitigating and monitoring the risk during the lifecycle of the product under development.


      Reduced uncertainty

      learning and improvement

     Reduce impact and loss


     IBM Engineering Workflow Management

     Siemens Polarion

Variant Management & Componentization

Organizing products into product lines and explicit variants in the context of cross-disciplinary product line engineering without duplication of data is a widely used means of meeting individual customer requirements quickly and on competitive terms.
Variant Management is essential to harness the power of reuse, increase productivity, and reduce errors and delays.


      Facilitate reuse

      Automate flow changes across variants

     Avoid inconsistency and duplication of data across variants.

     Facilitate parallel engineering and development of products

     Improve quality and reduce cost


     IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

     Siemens Polarion ALM

License Procurement

Clients purchasing license from MicroGenesis are entitled to the following value-added services.

     Pre-installation assessment

     Application rollout

     Deployment of the license keys

     Testing and validation of the environment

     One-time enablement on the purchased solution

     Online support during the license tenure

Consulting, Customization & Implementation

Our consulting team possess explicit knowledge from years of experience ensuring the solutions we provide are robust and pragmatic. We offer advisory and engineering services across domains in the form of


      Setting up lifecycle-based project areas based on industry specific standards in the ALM applications

      Customizing the project areas ELM applications as per the customer requirement to create custom artefacts, attributes, work item types, workflows, etc

      Create UML, SysML based designs in Rhapsody and RSA

      Design RPE based report templates to publish customer specific reports

      Design dashboards and live widgets using JRS and publish the same in the ELM applications

      Regular upgrade to latest versions and patches 

      Performance monitoring and tuning 

      Regular application and database backup monitoring 

      Enablement sessions for new team members

      RTRT based TDP development and customization 

      DXL scripting for IBM Rational DOORS 


Plugins & Extensions

Plugin development is required enhance or extend an existing feature or capability of the ALM solutions and MicroGenesis team has a rich experience and expertise in developing and implementing plugins based on requirements provided by the customer for project specific needs.

Integrations Adapters

Cross-tool integration is critical whether you are trying to obtain end-to-end metrics or trying to integrate disparate tools to improve collaboration and reduce duplication of effort.

Our development has rich experience in developing integration adapters and bridges to integrate third party applications, home grown solutions, open source tools and legacy tools with ALM solutions.

Data Migration

Along with the implementation of the ALM solution, the need of migration data of the on-going projects from your home grown, open source or third-party applications to ALM solutions is vital.

Our team with rich experience in data migration can help you to perform the migration activity with no data loss.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

 Rational DOORS

 DOORS Next Generation

 Rational Rhapsody

 Rational Software Architect 

 Rational ClearQuest

 Rational Team Concert


 Rational Quality Manager 

 Rational Functional Tester 


 Rational Performance Tester

 Rational Test Real Time 

 Build Forge 

 Rational Team Concert 

 Urban Code 

 Rational Reporting Engine  

 Jazz Reporting Service 

 Rational Engineering lifecycle manager  

 Global Configuration 


SIEMENS Business Partner

 Polarion ALM

 Polarion RM 

 Polarion QA

 Pure Variants Add-ons  


ATLASSIAN Business Partner

 Jira Software 








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