Pivot with Industry changes

by | DevOps

Long gone are the days when industries shifted gradually and at predictable intervals. Modern product lifecycle management requires exceptional quality and optimal service with no system downtime. A challenge in every sense of the world but there is a solution.

Integration of systems in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ecosystem is the key.
Today’s developer knows that builds are an integral piece to the Application Lifecycle. Automated building and testing process will help speed the time to market for your application.

By integrating people, processes, and tools from the beginning to end, ALM allows businesses to build better software and manage it with ease.

Microgenesis offers a number of features to help with this process.

  • Manage Requirement
  • Design and Development Software
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Real-time Planning and Support

If you have a small start-up team working on a new project, you can probably deploy all these build system components on a single system within no time. As your team and your codebase grow, you can expand your build system incrementally, with relative ease.

Microgenesis has acquired its unique approach to orchestrate your application development process to run with speed, agility and efficiency with over 2 decades of continuous consulting, deploying and testing of lifecycle management.

Orchestrate application development process to run with speed, agility and efficiency.

In the software world, a new feature can be developed and released within days. If you set out a specific project plan and let it run for six months, then the result (something that would have been ideal 6 months prior) might no longer have a clear place in the industry. Through ALM, you revise everything as you go, including the design and the development phases. Projects rendered non-viable by industry shifts can be pivoted immediately instead of being pushed to fruition by sheer momentum.

It is simply more rational.