RPA to accelerate business growth

by | Robotic Process Automation

With no training, within 10 minutes you are ready to use a completely functional bot. By the end of the day, you have completed 178 steps workflow in your ERP system WITHOUT A LINE OF CODE. Turn those impossible notions into dependable certified industry solutions from MicroGenesis. Leverage your business with a smart RPA Automator and AI to capitalise on the market opportunity while building an automation journey. RPA is the emerging form of process automation technology based on software robots and Artificial Intelligence workers. RPA represents a tremendous opportunity for organisations to increase performance, improve productivity, decrease costs, among a plethora of other benefits. MicroGenesis RPA Automator is immediate, plentiful, and significant- and can be grouped into 3 core areas.
  • Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction: All industries today are under the immense pressure of providing the ultimate customer experience in a consumer-centric world while keeping costs as low as possible. 66% said RPA restructures existing workflow, enabling their employees to have more human interactions, and 60% said RPA helps people focus on more meaningful, strategic tasks.
  • Accelerated Productivity Gains: Think of it this way, you may as well see the value in deploying RPA as part of a broader business optimisation strategy. Automating the RPA tool can reduce error-prone and costly manual work, accelerating productivity and gain maximum value from both your RPA technology investment and your human capital.
  • Enhance Compliance: RPA is more than a technology trend. With RPA as the backbone for your enterprise, give your business that support and compliance functions in their efforts to capitalize on the strengths of humans and machines to the solution. As organizations rotate to the new and the digital revolution gains momentum, humans and machines are expected to quickly find themselves working side-by-side, and RPA offers businesses a foundational platform for embracing both as critical team members.
RPA platform depends too much on its own services and needs to develop build-your-own-bot approaches to advance further in the general market. Our business partners need no IT personnel to create RPA bots, they need us to design and deploy bots. Once the RPA solution has been tested and deployed, it can be scaled up or down to create an agile digital labour pool. This could be ideal for companies that have to accommodate seasonal spikes in demand. In today’s fast-paced economy, various verticals use RPA to automate a number of tasks as a part of their routine. From generating mass emails to extracting data from media and scanned documents to invoices and employee history verification and payroll automation. Essentially, any high-volume, business-rules-driven, repeatable process qualifies for automation. Re-engineer your business workflows with MicroGenesis RPA Automator today. Take that leap in the evolution of the business process.