Senior Software Engineer-Python

Designation: Senior Software Engineer-Python

Years of experience required: 2-4 Years
Desired skills: Looking for NLP Developer with practical ML skills and exp. in data processing, Natural Language Processing, ML modelling and deployment.
Skill Set Required:
  • Machine Learning, Data Pre-processing, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning Algorithms, Data Visualization, ML Deployment, Training, Testing and deployment of ML models
  • Python 2 and 3, Flask or Django, HTML, PostgreSQL or MySQL, Mercurial or Git
  • Technology & Tools: D3.js, Tensorboard, Fast.AI, Tensorflow, Keras, Python, PyTorch, RASA, DL Algorithms, NVIDIA CUDA GPU Modeling
  • Programming experience in NumPy, Pandas, regular expressions, PyUnit.
  • Must be familiar with software development environment
  • Working knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Experience in relational database environments like Environment Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL with system related calls API development etc
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