Smart, Automated Document Capture Platform

We are fully capable of automating enterprise wide document capture process with smart document capture platforms from Ephesoft and Kofax

Key Features:

  • Advanced document capture capabilities enabled through data classification and data extraction
  • Single solution for paper and electronic documents
  • Accelerated processes enabled through end-to-end automation

Advanced document management solutions specific to your business

We can develop customized solutions which help you transform your document repositories into a digital document ecosystem which is integrated to your business processes and workflows. This can ensure information security and better collaboration across business functions.

Scalable. Simple. Secure. Sophisticated.

Our document capture solutions bring in innovative capabilities to improve governance of siloed content through automated workflows, robust rights management, improve collaboration, reduce costs, and standardizing systems & processes.

Structure agnostic

All documents in paper or electronic format with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data can be captured and processed irrespective of layouts or formats.

Eliminating manual processes

Optical character recognition enables extracting information from electronic and scanned paper documents

Database matching

Metadata is extracted with 2way/3 way matching with data sources, flexible maps and schemas for high levels of accuracy in processing

Highly integrable

Our document capture solutions integrates well with existing ERP or content management repositories like Alfresco, SAP, Oracle, SharePoint and FileNet

Anywhere connect

Easy access to information with high degrees of security is possible with our centralized, distributed and remote options

Visible accurate information

Our OCR solution attaches form, field and character level scores to extracted data. These scores are indicators of accuracy of the extracted information

Trusted Document Capture Solution for Global Corporations

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