Internet of Things

Welcome to the connected world where intelligent products and solutions is enabling unimaginable efficiencies, stunning innovation and disruptive business models

Capabilities to enable synergies
between physical and digital worlds

We offer specialized IoT services to develop deployable solutions which can enable smart AI – ML connected ecosystems to generate insights and deliver tangible value

Our solution characteristics:

  • Real-time applications for end-to-end visibility and tracking
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Sensor driven decision analytics
  • Process optimization through workflow intelligence
  • Total control over the expanding eco-system

Industry specific IoT solutions
for smooth workflows

MicroGenesis brings together IoT best practices, next-generation tools and systems and deep domain expertise to create a connected business universe.

Our IoT practice areas:

Our engineering expertise enables the connected convergence of diverse technologies to deliver decisive insights across processes, projects, and portfolios.

Design and development

Combined power of IoT solutions and analytics enable resource optimization, time management, cost efficiencies, and risks reduction

360 degree asset monitoring

Evaluate and identify points of contacts and to map IoT requirements to ensure total visibility across all systems

Secure IoT ecosystem

Our modern IoT tools like identity evaluation, encryption technologies, and security analytics help to cement security across networks, devices, and platforms.

System integration

Add or remove more devices to your existing IoT infrastructure and scale up your operations without platform or device limits.

Performance and testing

Our domain expertise and quality focus enforces rigorous testing and evaluation of all solutions and services

Patching and remediation

Effective support services to patch and remediate security flaws to mitigate all risks

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