Quality Edge Test Automation Solution (QTAS)

Unique, proprietary, agile codeless automation testing framework to simplify testing complexities

Reducing complexities in the testing landscape

QTAS eliminates the need for coding and focuses on creating, running and managing tasks. The solution is ideal to meet the growing complexity of continuous testing and is affordable, intuitive and easy to use.

The QTAS Advantage:

  • Intuitive codeless test automation platform that can be configured to suit specific requirements
  • The standalone solution for web, mobile and API testing
  • Device, browser and platform agnostic solution that ensures agility
  • Easy to implement and maintain

Adopt Codeless Automation Testing. Bring in QTAS.

Configuration based test automation brings in high end efficiencies with significant reduction in time, cost and resources needed for testing. This brings in strategic advantages as focus shifts on quality, test case design and expansion of test coverage area

Automation Testing with QTAS

QTAS eliminates the need of coding knowledge for automation tests, this enables the freeing of key resources for more strategic work such as quality, expanding test coverage and improving testing efficiency.

Codeless solution

Configurable solution that resides top of the central database and can be executed by non-technical users.

Complete solution

A standalone tool that eliminates the need for other testing platforms and integrates web, mobile and API testing

Low maintenance automation

A well separated structure with engine, navigation data and test case brings down maintenance costs

Role separation

Improve productivity by clear role separation which brings down time and cost for testing.

Reports and analytics

Total web based access to reports and analytics

QTAS engine

Configure the QTAS engine and execute testing in few key strokes or mouse actions for error free testing

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