Software for Medical Devices & Applications

Digitalization has caused a seismic shift in how healthcare is administered and delivered. Software has now become crucial in delivering healthcare solutions across many domains including diagnosis, disease prevention, modernizing care, or treatment of an illness or injury. Software lies at the core of web, mobile, standalone and embedded applications and covers 4 categories:


  1. Software as a medical device (SaMD), which is standalone software that serves as a medical product in and of itself;
  2. Software in a medical device (SiMD). This is software that’s part of a medical product, such as implanted software in medical equipment;
  3. Software as an accessory to a medical device;
  4. General purpose software that is not a medical product by itself.


Our software development services are focused on the following parameters.


We have a team of experienced and highly skilled solution architects and developers


The solution that we offer comprises software development lifecycle processes and also includes a linear approach like waterfall, an incremental approach like agile, and an integration and delivery approaches like DevOps


Usage of tools such; IBM, Aligned elements, and Atlassian components

Our comprehensive tools can effectively manage, audit, and trace each stage of the software development

MicroGenesis is one of the leading software solution providers for medical software. We offer a single-window for services starting from development, testing, and regulatory compliance to ensure reliable and scalable software. With a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings and a team of skilled experts, MicroGenesis is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative and futuristic solutions to our clients. Our partnership with leading medical device companies has enabled the roll-out of high-quality products in shorter time frames while maintaining regulatory compliance such as; EN ISO 13485, EU MDR, and FDA.

Our extensive experience in offering software solutions has enabled us to develop applications based on the latest technologies, platforms, databases, and languages. By leveraging robust frameworks, we are able to accelerate development, improve quality standards, reduce production and investment costs. Cross platform tools provide a single code base for deployment across various platforms.

Our comprehensive toolset incorporates best practices to effectively manage, audit, and trace each stage of the medical software development :

  • Requirements management
  • Architecture & design
  • UI/UX creation
  • Coding to standards
  • Version control
  • Test/Quality management

Engineering Value to Enhance Quality and Performance


Our comprehensive toolset incorporates best practices to effectively manage, audit, and trace each stage of the medical software development that includes:

Regulatory compliance services

Safety is the primary objective of a company developing the software for medical device. To ensure such safety, an organization must manage the risk and quality of the software.