Application Lifecycle Management

What prompted organizations to embrace Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)?

The change was always constant but rapid digitalization transformed the way organizations operate due to growing demands and increasing customer expectation. To meet this growing demand, enterprises started depending upon innovation to build and implement new software that can ease organizational challenges through integration and a robust approach. This triggered the prerequisite for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) that could structure the entire lifecycle of a product or an application to be monitored and modified as per requirement.

Key advantages of ALM

Let us consider the advantages the Application Lifecycle Management solutions can offer that can initiate a faster process of development within the organizations
Create compatibility with the growing software and hardware complexity
Maintain a single source of truth (SSOT)
Ensure seamless software integration across all the phases of the ALM process
Track and handle complete product lifecycle management applications
Visual and cognitive representation of the process flow
Enhance process compliance
Mitigate risk effectively and efficiently
Initiate and manage comprehensive audit structure
Enable collaboration across all roles within the organization
Deliver higher quality products, applications, and systems in less time

Deliver higher quality products, applications and systems, faster time to market

Offering Application Lifecycle Management solution: The MicroGenesis way

With over two decades of experience in application lifecycle management consulting, MicroGenesis is one of the leading solutions providers of holistic and secure application lifecycle management process flow. We have partnered with leading ALM vendors to deliver suitable ALM solutions to our clients to help them scale-up in the market and transform their application process flow into a robust endeavor. With the zeal to progress, our team of experts is consistent in knowledge acquisition to offer customized ALM solutions to clients across various geographical boundaries.

Project Planning

A well-planned project is the foundation for a successful project delivery.

Requirement Management

Poor requirements management is one of the key contributing factors to the failure of a project

Design & Development

Prototype, simulate and execute designs for early validation

Configuration Management

Configuration management is a process for establishing, maintaining and tracking versions of artefacts such as project

Testing & Quality Management

Report on key quality metrics to ensure the business goals and objectives of the software releases are met

Build & Release Management

Track the progress of the defect or change request

Change Management

Change is inevitable. The evolution of new technologies, process and guidelines are increasing

Risk & Hazard Management

Identify, capture, analyze, prioritize, mitigate and monitor the risk during the lifecycle of product

Audit Metrics & Reports

Poor requirements management is one of the key contributing factors to the failure of a project

Variant Management & Componentization

Prototype, simulate and execute designs for early validation

Our offerings make us unique


We offer our clients application lifecycle management services in the form of ALM solutions

License Procurement

Along with the license, we offer certain value-added services that assist our clients to embrace the ALM platform

Installation, Upgradation & Migration

We assist in managing the complex deployment of certain applications based on the available infrastructure and recommended topologies

Consulting, Customization & Implementation

Our application lifecycle management consulting team possesses vast knowledge and years of experience in offering robust and pragmatic ALM solutions

Plugins & Extensions

We encourage plugins and extensions with the objective to provide additional functionality as well as to modify core functionality during version change or improvement

Integrations Adaptors

We offer our expertise in developing integration adapters and bridges to integrate third-party applications, homegrown solutions, open-source tools, and legacy tools with customized ALM solutions

Data Migration

Implementation of an ALM solution is incomplete without data migration of the on-going projects from open-source or third-party applications to the ALM platform.

Model Based System Engineering

Our ALM solutions offering contains an exclusive program of educating our clients on the innumerable benefits and the overall importance of model-based system engineering (MBSE) through training sessions and complete handholding until the implementation process.

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