Cost effective application
and network security solutions

Apps are the new age beachheads for launching attacks and enterprises are investing in application and network security testing solutions right through the software development lifecycle.

Our application security testing capabilities

  • Dynamic application security testing

    Application vulnerability checks during operational stages

  • Application security audit

    End to end assessment of security gaps and vulnerabilities in applications

  • Managed services

    Efficient, cost-effective and flexible application and network security management services to help you focus on your core business competencies

Protect your business assets. Secure your corporate network.

Leverage our solutions and services to reduce security risks.

Our security testing capabilities

We can insulate application development life cycle by driving security testing measures which can protect the usability and integrity of your networks and applications

Dynamic application security testing:

We employ trending testing practices and procedures to identify even minor defects and security loopholes

Static code analysis:

Our solutions can analyze large amounts of source code by automating workflows to uncover potential application weaknesses in shorter timeframes.

Vulnerability assessment:

We help organizations scan, investigate and analyze weaknesses in network security and to identify devices open to known vulnerabilities. In addition, our solutions report the level of risk associated with any security loopholes discovered along the development cycle.

Penetration testing:

We have a range of tools, techniques, and methodologies to drive end-to-end penetration testing and fix vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts, and network devices.

Protect your business assets. Secure your corporate network.

Application and network security is vital to mitigate business risk, protect key data, and to safeguard brand reputation

Total application security

Security and data privacy is gaining paramount importance and organizations are incorporating app level security protocols into development lifecycles

Improved compliance and lower risks

Risk management is an essential part of software development cycles to ensure systems, tools and resources can optimally mitigate security risks

Security advisory services

We can evaluate your existing security set-up and provide a blueprint to enhance the overall health of your network and applications, while you focus on your core business competencies.

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