Manage your Documents to Control your Business Content

Enterprise Information Management

Integrate our cloud-based enterprise-friendly document capture and storage system to the existing tools and get the best outcome regarding managing your documents. Our EIM or Enterprise Information Management solutions are secured and shared in a centralized repository. Thus, we streamline content management costs ensuring systematic storage and withdrawal of data.

Key Features

  • Wide Storage solution
  • Intelligent document capture
  • Seamless Integration to existing tools
  • Streamlined content management costs
  • Systematic Storage system
  • Efficient retrieval of data

Our Approach

4D Engagement


Enterprise Document Management

Digitize your document repository by using our smart, intelligent, result-driven document management solution. We help organizations worldwide to manage, access, and distribute information digitally

Document Capture Solution

With our intelligent, automated document capture platform, get your business-specific advanced document management solutions. Our customized solutions ensure maximum security and collaborations across business functions

Single Solution for Paper and Electronic Document

Whether you bring a hardcopy of your document or an e-copy, the solution work with same efficiency for both of them. Thus, enjoy easy workflow without any hassle going around. It reduces the complexities

Eliminate Manual Process

Our ELM process includes optical character recognition. It helps to extract information from electronic and scanned paper documents. Thus, the manual process is replaced by the automation process

The MicroGenesis Advantage

Increased Productivity: Capture and extract documents that streamline information. Thus, it brings in higher visibility for perfect workflow. Elimination of manual processes and increased visibility lead to increased productivity.

Improved Accuracy: The more you go digital, the more accuracy you can find. With our automated ELM service, you can get a very high accuracy rate that manual processes would not have been possible.

Cost Efficiency: Our ELM service includes optimized resource planning, proper storage; well-built infrastructure; and paper footprints. All of these together help to reduce the costs of running the organizational process.

Faster File Access: The integrated capture and management solution helps access all of the files quickly and safely. The system recognizes and accurately indexes each file. And that is how you can get faster and smoother file access.

MicroGenesis would like to demonstrate to you that adopting document management is straightforward, dramatically improves workflow, results in better operational efficiency and staff productivity – and delivers a fast return on investment.

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