Smart, Automated Document Capture Platform

Advanced document management solutions specific to your business

We can develop customized solutions which help you transform your document repositories into a digital document ecosystem which is integrated to your business processes and workflows. This can ensure information security and better collaboration across business functions.

We are fully capable of automating enterprise wide document capture process with smart document capture platforms from Ephesoft and Kofax

    Key Features

    Advanced document capture capabilities enabled through data classification and data extraction

    Single solution for paper and electronic documents

    Accelerated processes enabled through end-to-end automation

    Unified & automated platform for document management needs

    DStore unifies disjointed document workflows to create a centralized repository of knowledge.

    Redefine organizational process with our document capture and management solutions

    Leverage our services to replace manual, error prone and expensive processes for receiving, processing and releasing large volumes of high-value documents and content


    Increase in Productivity

    Document capture and extraction streamlines information and workflows with high degrees of visibility. This can maximize productivity as manual processes are eliminated.


    Streamline cost efficiencies

    Organizations can save costs through optimized resource planning, storage, infrastructure and paper foot prints


    Improved labor savings

    With our OCR solutions it is easy to capture structured and unstructured data, thus enabling end-to-end automation


    Faster file access

    Never miss a single file thanks to the integrated capture & management solution which recognizes and accurately indexes each file thereby enhancing the audit efficiencies


    Enhance accuracy

    With minimized manual intervention, the throughput accuracy rate are very high which further brings down the processing time.


    Your vendor for document needs

    We have partnered with Ephesoft and Kofax to deliver document capture and management solutions to meet your overall enterprise needs

    Trusted Document Capture Solution for Global Corporations