IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

MicroGenesis and IBM

MicroGenesis is a platinum level IBM Partner with over 20 years of experience and deep expertise in reselling and product related services including training, product consulting and implementation of IBM ELM for organization and teams of all sizes focusing on software and System engineering, Application lifecycle management, DevOps and more. Our engagement model is crafted with the single aim to enable our clients achieve higher levels of visibility, collaboration, productivity and quality with ALM Solutions.

Our approach

  • Demonstration
  • Proof of concept
  • Finalize BoM
  • Demonstration
  • Proof of concept
  • Finalize BoM
  • Installation
  • Orientation
  • Installation
  • Orientation
  • Data Migration
  • Product customization
  • Plugin Development
  • Upgradation
  • Application Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Product customization
  • Plugin Development
  • Upgradation
  • Application Migration
  • Quotation
  • License Procurement
  • Quotation
  • License Procurement
  • Telephonic
  • Web based support
  • On-site support
  • Telephonic
  • Web based support
  • On-site support

Solutions we offer

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management enables systems engineers and software developers to modify and create quality designs, respond efficiently, and deliver against requirements be it in the cloud or on premises. With closely integrated tools, throughout the process, the focus is to ensure collaborative workflow planning and management, cost efficiency while maintaining compliance parameters.



Requirement Management

Engineering requirement Management DOORS

Commonly known as IBM Rational DOORS is a scalable solution that ensures that an organization meets it business goals. The application helped the IBM clientele reduce developmental cost by 57% and quality cot by 69%. It optimizes communication, create relationships, and trace dependencies apart from real-time team collaboration and verification throughout the organization.



  • Cost reduction
  • Scalable solution
  • Increase speed and productivity
  • Single source of Truth
  • Templates catering to industry specific standards

Engineering requirement Management DOORS Next

Formerly known as IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. This too offers a scalable solution to augment both communication and collaboration within the organization as well as with stakeholders. With on premises and in the cloud presence, it opens the scope for project improvement by maximizing productivity and quality while bringing cost efficiency.



  • Improve product quality and efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • Support and accelerate time to value with SaaS
  • Manage compliance
  • Increase reusability and traceability
  • Improve productivity using version and variant management

Requirements Quality Assistant

It improves the clarity of project requirements by reducing the defect cost by 60% and the cost of manual reviews by 25%.



  • Reduce errors and Costs
  • Enhance requirements
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve productivity
  • Transparency of test-plan
  • Ensuring quality with INCOSE guidelines

Design and Modeling

Rational Rhapsody

Also known as Rational Rhapsody offers a robust solution for modeling and systems design. It empowers an organization to manage complexities related to product and systems development. Apart from offering a collaborative design and test environment for systems engineers supporting UML, SysML, UAF and AUTOSAR, the solution also ensures control of defense frameworks (DoDAF, MODAF and UPDM). This helps to accelerate industry standards such as DO-178, DO-178B/C, and ISO 26262.



  • Constant validation and consistency check
  • Internal collaboration
  • Pace in design to implementation
  • Automation of document generation
  • Prototype, simulate and execute designs for early validation
  • Support real-time agile engineering environment

Rational Software Architect

RSAD reduces complexity in risk and compliance areas while enabling an organization to comprehend, collaborate, and communicate more effectively. RSAD leverages model-driven development (MDD) tools such as; UML, BPMN etc. to improve productivity while maintaining quality



  • Reduce complexity
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Manage risk and compliance
  • Graphical visualization and analysis
  • Flexible UML and BPMN modeling
  • Parallel design, change management and re-use

Project Planning, Change, Configuration, Build and Release Component

Engineering Workflow Management

Also called Rational Team Concert is a collaborative software development tool that a team within your enterprise can use for iteration, release planning, change management, defect tracking, source control, and to build automation. It provides flexibility and speed of process adoption. This can help your company to adopt faster release cycles and control dependencies across all projects. This solution is available on premises and in the cloud offering flexible pricing models.



  • Automation of traceability and reuse
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Effective tracking and planning capabilities
  • Simplify project reporting

Rational ClearCase

It offers controlled access to software assets such as;  code, requirements, design documents, models, test plans, and test results. It brings automation in workspace, baseline, and secure version management. This improves virtual access and auditing capabilities.


  • Control versioning
  • Flexible usage models
  • IP protection
  • Process control
  • Compliance traceability

Rational ClearQuest

This change management software improves the productivity of a developer. It follows certain methodologies, processes and tools appropriate for the project and the organization adopting it.



  • Improve collaboration
  • Efficient development
  • Create repeatable, enforceable and predictable processes
  • Process automation
  • Lifecycle traceability

IBM Rational Synergy

It is a task-based software configuration management (SCM) solution that brings global teams on a unified platform. This makes team-work and collaboration easy and faster boosting the overall productivity.

IBM Rational Change

It is a web-based change management solution offering tracking and control. It works towards unifying software change and configuration management to improve consistency and accountability.

Test Management

Engineering Test Management

Popularly known as ‘Rational Quality Manager’ is a collaborative quality management solution, offering end-to-end test planning and asset management. It empowers enterprises to use automation to speed complex project schedules and generate report on real time data for informed release decisions.



  • Meeting compliance
  • Reporting with a purpose
  • Test optimization
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Better machine management

Test Automation

Rational Functional tester

Being an automated functional and regression testing tool, this software supports a range of web-based applications such as; Net, Java, Siebel, SAP, terminal emulator-based applications, PowerBuilder, Ajax, Adobe Flex, Dojo Toolkit, GEF, Adobe PDF documents, zSeries, iSeries and pSeries.



  • Storyboard and Automated testing
  • Data-driven testing
  • Team collaboration
  • Visual editing
  • Mobile native testing

Rational Performance Tester

With Integration Tester, you get a scripting-free environment for developing tests for SOA messaging and business process integration projects. You can build tests by recording existing system behaviors or from requirements, by entering the data to send and the data that is expected in return. You can also create virtual services to remove test dependencies and enable earlier testing. Virtual services can be deployed by Service Virtualization to provide on-demand virtualized test environments that can support all phases of the test development lifecycle.

Benefits of RIT

  • Visualize the connections and dependencies between services and components to plan an integration test strategy.
  • Stub out services that are unavailable for testing, making continuous integration testing possible and reducing the risk of errors in the application.
  • Automate all aspects of integration testing.

Rational Integration Tester

It ensures a scripting-free environment that can be used to build tests by recording existing system behaviors. This can support in deploying Service Virtualization to provide on-demand virtualized test environments throughout the test development lifecycle.



  • Successful integration test strategy
  • Error reduction in application
  • Automate integration testing

Rational Test Real Time

This runtime analysis tool helps to automate component testing, code coverage, memory leak detection, performance profiling, and UML sequence diagram tracing. This cross-platform solution is designed to create software applications for products with embedded, real-time, and technical systems applications.


AppScan helps with static, dynamic, and interactive testing of web, mobile and open source softwares. It detects security vulnerabilities and facilitates remediation before the software is deployed.


IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Publishing

It enables its user to extract data from a wide range of data source to reduce manual work and errors and to generate document-style reports with high-quality requirements traceability matrix in formats such as PDF, HTML, Word, Excel and XSL.



  • Generates high-quality documents
  • Supports multiple-output formats
  • Predefined templates
  • Data extraction from sources
  • Third-party data access

Governance and Compliance

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization – Method Composer

It is a flexible process management platform that can initiate improvement of your enterprise using method composer tools and process asset library. It helps to edit, manage, re-use, and publish process descriptions.   Benefits
  • Process documentation
  • Access predefined tools and assets
  • Content customization
  • Process guidance

Static Analysis


It can automate code reviews and identify coding defects early in the development life cycle thus reducing correction costs.


Urban Code

It helps development teams and DevOps transformation leaders  to visualize workflow and creation of value.



  • Disciplined heterogeneous pipelines
  • Adopt DevOps metrics
  • Governance
  • Continuous delivery and release templates