UiPath Solutions 

Leverage data to accelerate digital transformation

With an enterprise-level shift towards digital transformation, RPA appeared like a genie benefitting industries as a whole. UiPath is one of the leading RPA platforms that enable organizations to automate the workflow through a robust solution design. It is a drag and drop workflow-based automation tool. It has three main products of high importance.  They are; UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot, UiPath Orchestrator.

UiPath Studio

The drag and drop interface initially records the routine workflow of the resources to imitate the same with the configuration of robotic workflows. It can operate without high-level programming skills. It has a set of tools for designing solutions for complex and large workflows. UiPath StudioX can also integrate the automation process with the Microsoft Excel application

UiPath Robot

Automate specific business applications using smart and flexible robots to enhance the efficiency of the process. They can operate without any human intervention in all kinds of environments including the virtual environment.

UiPath Orchestrator

It is a server application that is controlled and monitored to ensure complete process flow with flexible operations, enterprise-level productivity, cloud infrastructure, and security. Apart from schedule supervision and monitoring, it also allows storage of reusable components, assets, and processes

Features of UiPath

  • UiPath solutions come with more than 300 inbuilt activities for designing the process flow. Starting from data extraction, data entry to automation, it has several design functions and predefined activity sets.
  • Process creation becomes simple with the drag and drop feature.
  • An automated process can be created with the basic, desktop, Citrix, and web recording feature.
  • UiPath delivers both the attended and unattended automation with an option for remote system automation.
  • The original workflow can be saved as a template to improve the reusability later.
  • It improves cost and operational effectiveness with protected spaces for multiple users.
  • It can develop custom activities inheriting net and C# functions.
  • It has intelligent scheduling and arranges the workflow basis priority of work assignment.
  • Screen scraping and data scraping help to scrape data from applications and web pages.
  • It initiates collaborative integration into desktop applications.
  • Debugging helps to identify and reveal errors for a project.
  • Image and text-based process automation is used where UiPath automation cannot function properly.
  • It can even identify and recognize non-standard forms and documents.

The impact UiPath solutions can bring to your business

  • Compliance is one of the primary concerns of most companies. Proactive monitoring and managing of compliance issues is a part of UiPath solutions to reduce gaps between sources and making the process more compliant.
  • An RPA implementation following the business process using UiPath solutions can speed up the back office tasks apart from timely and effective services to end customers. Processes such as; claim processing, paperwork related to a new hire, issuing purchase orders in bulk, bill payments can become efficient with UiPath solutions.
  • Considering the speed and accuracy, UiPath solutions can improve the overall productivity.
  • It has stored templates of pre-built drag and drops actions to reuse and improve.
  • Third-party integration of technology with plug and play features enables collaboration with technologies such as; IBM Watson, and Google.
  • Intuitive and flexible debugging options with security features make the process robust and resilient.

MicroGenesis your UiPath solutions partner

MicroGenesis being a UiPath partner has developed experience over the years with both service and product-based clients. We have certified RPA professionals with hyper-automation skills and UiPath Certifications to leverage strategic consulting, robust solutions architecture design, intelligent automation development, infrastructure management, security, and analytics. With investing efforts in RPA solutions, we have been consistently delivering UiPath solutions and services to enterprises across the globe. Let’s now have a glimpse of the path we follow to offer effective UiPath solutions to our clients.

UiPath Assessment services

We understand the structure and requirement through assessment and the basis of the use cases to recommend the development and implementation accordingly

UiPath Consulting

Our UiPath Consulting experts locate strategies to make the adoption of UiPath seamless. They also provide regulatory and advisory services to initiate automation of Proof of Concepts

UiPath Implementation

We help in delivering bots and managing the orchestration of the virtual workforce within the environment by leveraging UiPath capabilities

UiPath Support

We ensure quick and easy around-the-clock expert UiPath technical support in Bot Management, failure, disaster recovery, and locating opportunities

UiPath Subscription

We help in choosing a compatible UiPath licensed model that can help to scale the enterprise and become effective in its robotic process automation initiative.

UiPath Professional Services

We are a professional UiPath partner and reseller with a proven track record of delivering successful deployments to our clients

UiPath Managed Services

With a unique and scalable managed service model we ensure that RPA and automation can be deployed within the workflow of organizations and initiatives of all sizes.